List of Ginans
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This comprehensive list is very useful for those who are interested in Ginan literature. It contains alphabetical list of all 750 plus ginans and granths recorded, including the volume of number of the recording, reference of the book in which the text and translation is available, author of the ginan and suggested occasions for their recitation.

It also contains the following lists:
1. List of Pirs and Sayyids
2. List of Khushyali Ginans
3. List of Venti ginans
4. List of Ghatpat sitting ginans
5. List of Ghatpat standing ginans
6. List of Prabhatiya (Subuh Sadiq) ginans
7. List of Ruhani Khayal (Ibadat) ginans
8. List of Sawab-e-akhirat (Ruhani Majlis) ginans
9. List of morning Choghadiyas
10. List of evening Choghadiyas
11. List of 28 Garbis of Pir Shams (r.a.)
12. List of Granths
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