Vaek Moto and Vel Vaekji
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Vaek means words, dictum, aphorism, teaching, saying, maxims etc.

Vaek Moto (Vaek - the big) and Vel Vaekni (creeper or climbing plant of Vaek) are two small Granths of Pir Shams (r.a.). Vaek Moto has 64 quatrains whereas Vel Vaekni has 31 quatrains. There is another Granth called Vaek Nano (Vaek - the small) which has 22 quatrains.

For the text of these two Granths we relied on the Khojki version of the book “Vaek Moto Vel Sathe tatha Satgur Nur na Viva”, published by Mukhi Lalji Bhai Devraj, the Khoja Sindhi Chhapakhanu, Mumbai in 1917.

The central idea of these Granths is some predictions of Pir Shams (r.a.) on the signs of the arrival of Kali Yuga, the last and the worst time o the cycle. As the first path says:

Ejī Pīr Shams kahe suno bhai momano, kahun ek agam vani;
Kaljug aya te kem janie, eni kahun endhani ji.

O momin brothers listen! Pir Shams (r.a.) says: I make a prediction. What are the signs of the arrival of Kali Yuga? I am revealing its signs.

He says that when Kali Yuga will come no one will respect knowledge or sages. People will become willful; they will rely on the liars whereas truthful ones will be denied; the eternal knowledge of the Progeny of the Prophet (s.a.s) will be denied; everyone will consider them wiser; cheats and backbiters will be glorified and honored.

Imam’s dues will be denied; discord will be created in the jamat; people will be busy in backbiting and will not go to prayer-house. Murid will quarrel with Pir whom the Lord has granted the honor due to his Ibadat; brothers will fight amongst themselves; son will hit the father; people will get indulged in drinking and smoking; Woman will go with a stranger leaving her husband behind; there will be a dearth of pious people; earth will become merciless.

Cast system will be eliminated; Brahmans will become like common man; father will take bride-money of his daughter; mean will be honored and the noble will be ignored; friends will turn into foes; king will not honour his words; people will get married outside their caste; borrowed money and things will not be returned.

Mother will abandon crying baby; girls will become mature at the age of nine and bear children; man will become mature at the age of twelve. People will become stonehearted and angry; will not practice the faith and will get involved in sorcery and black-magic; they will take much interest in backbiting

Pir Shams (r.a.) urges the jamat to follow his teachings; he has shown the straight path and created light in the heart; accept the progeny of the Prophet, follow the path of truth; follow the path of knowledge; take the key of knowledge from the progeny of the Prophet (s.a.s.) and open the lock of your heart and illuminate your heart to obtain the Didar in it which one cannot obtain in a rusted mirror. Understand the value of Satpanth and do not be fool. Remember the word given in the womb of mother and offer Dasond. Collect some provision of good deeds for the next world.

Vel Vaekni has 31 paths, nearly the half of the Vaek Moto.

It begins with the importance of knowledge. Those who deny knowledge are like deaf, dumb and blind. Human life is important and knowledge is the base for salvation. The truthful will go to paradise whereas the liars will go to hell. Earn your living honestly because your earning will reflect in your action.

Take the key of knowledge and open the lock of your heart. The guide has illuminated your heart with light, control five evils then you will have the Didar.

Toil the land of good deeds; sow the seeds of Dasond and Sukrit and give the water of zikr then all types of crop will grow.

The Lord is in everyone as there is butter in milk, soul in the body, oil in the sesame seed, and fire in the wood but He will appear on churning.

Believers are like diamond and those who failed to recognize the Lord are like glass. One who is not colored with the color of the Lord is like a stone in the water which remains dry even after remaining in water for years. Believers are soaked with Ginan like the soil is soaked with water. Obey the Lord truthfully then you will reach the other shore.
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