Moman Chetamni of Sayyid Imam Shah
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English Transliteration, Translation, Glossary and reference of important topics. (English)
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This granth (long ginan), also known as “Cheto Rikhisaro”, consists of 630 paths. The topics include the birth of Mawlana Ali (a.s.) and his marriage with Bibi Fatima (a.s.), the exalted position of Ahl-e-Bayt, history of some Imams and Pirs, Pir Shams’s encounter with Bahauddin Zakariya and his subsequent miracles and almost all areas of the practice of our faith. The Urdu version of this book has been published by the Shia Imami Ismaili Tariqah and Religious Education Board for Pakistan.

Recording: A sample recording of this granth is available in volume number 42 of “The Ginans in Traditional Tunes” prepared by the ITREB Ginan Group, Pakistan.
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